Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry

Waterfall and Water Drop Jewelry

Whether it is a flowing water drop ring or a graceful waterfall necklace, each piece in my Waterfalling Jewelry Collection was initially inspired by the falling water, sprays and droplets of the waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I have always had a strong attraction to water, especially flowing water. Fresh water streams, ocean waves and romantic waterfalls around the world.

Waterfalling Jewelry Collection

Each piece of my Waterfalling Collection is made with Argentium Silver, 18kt Gold and a large variety of precious and semi-precious stones.

I choose Argentium Silver rather than Sterling Silver for a number of reasons but most importantly for its ability to fuse to itself and other precious metals.

This unique quality allows me to fuse all of the water droplets in each piece. The droplets literally flow together.