Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Ensure that you remove your jewelry when washing your hands and putting on lotion, perfume or face cream. The particles present in these cosmetics may form a corrosive blend of materials that in the long term may lead to premature discoloration of the metal and skin irritation.

Anything strung on steel or silk should be reviewed yearly by a trusted jeweler to check for wear.

Removing jewelry before showering, swimming, cleaning and other activities is recommended.


Patina is a natural process that happens to objects with long expose to open air and a discoloration appears due to oxidation. We use a chemical application to apply a patina finish to our jewelry. The silver is instantaneously oxidized and achieves a blackened color. Each piece is oxidized by hand and slight variations in finishes may occur and should be expected.

Oxidized silver is affected by wear, moisture, and oils in the skin and will fade over time. Take extra care to keep these pieces dry and extend their finishes.


Pearls are an organic gem and they require specific care that will protect them for a very long time. They can be harmed by contact with many chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics and hair care products of all kinds. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth moistened with water. Never place your pearls in an ultrasonic or use a jewelry cleaner not made for pearls. Allow all of these applications to dry completely before wearing your jewelry.