About Marilyn

"My work is inspired by the mesmerizing flow of water combined with the tranquility of nature.

I enjoy creating movement in my pieces using elemental shapes and negative space. Each piece is a celebration of the natural world around us and has a story of its own to tell."

Over the years, Marilyn found certain shapes and concepts reappearing in her work. In each piece of jewelry, she has used the progression of this simple shape that becomes fully incorporated creating elegant forms in limited editions and “one-of-a-kind” pieces. Her love of Argentium Sterling has been a large influence. The ability to fuse the Argentium Sterling and 18kt gold allows her to construct her pieces without solder which enhances the flow of each piece.

Each piece is hand fabricated from sheet and wire, and is entirely made by hand, using precious metals and unusual gemstones. She begins by cutting and bending strips of metal to shape the individual parts, then rearranging them into different patterns and shapes to tell the story. They are often very labor intensive and can take weeks or even months to produce.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards

• American Craft Retailers Expo (ACRE), Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, 2007
• Autumn Jewels, Carlyn Galerie, Dallas, 2007
• Four Corners States Biennial, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, 1980
• Prints, Drawings & Crafts Exhibition, Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1980