Argentium Silver, 18kt and Stone Jewelry

Argentium Silver, 18kt and Stone Jewelry


For most of my silver jewelry,  I now use Argentium Silver rather than Sterling Silver. It costs a bit more, but the quality is well worth it.  Argentium Silver is noted for being purer than traditional Sterling Silver.  Since Sterling has a small percentage of copper in it, it may more easily change color.  This is known as oxidation.  On the other hand, Argentium has germanium in it.  This creates a thin barrier which dramatically slows the oxidation.  Argentium Silver Jewelry is low maintenance and easy to care for and clean.  Additionally, Argentium is also the whitest metal of all precious metals including Platinum, White Gold and Silver.

18kt Gold

18 karat Gold is made up of 75% 24 karat or pure gold and 25% other metals.  In other words, 18 out of 24 parts of this alloy are pure gold.  The other metals in 18kt gold increase the hardness of the gold and influence the color of the gold. Copper, for example, adds both hardness and color to gold producing a pink overtone known as Rose Gold.  18kt gold is often the most pure form of gold used for wearable jewelry due to its hardness and durability.

Gemstones and Pearls

Incorporating the beauty of gemstones and pearls into each piece provides an opportunity for uniquely personal expression.  Each stone is selected to accentuate the feeling of the piece.

Gemstones have an infinite diversity in terms of color, transparency and texture. From a clear brilliant cut diamond to a natural druzy agate, the variety is fascinating and the possibilities are endless.  I always seek out unusual, striking stones which inspire unique and creative shapes.

Pearls are generally of spherical shapes but they may also be highly irregular with unique and interesting shapes.  Their organic forms often look like water drops and compliment the overall flowing feel of my Waterfalling Collection pieces.